health and safety

We strive to make a difference in the social lives of host communities through investments that simultaneously provide lasting community benefits and direct business value.

Radek Oil and Gas shall continue to remain a responsible and good corporate citizen ensuring that the benefits of its resources pass on to host communities through positive contributions to social development initiatives. As a registered Houston Based oil and gas company, It is the policy of Radek Oil and Gas to manage all its activities and operations in a responsible manner that:

– Meet the high quality standards we set as part of our business objectives.
– Protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors and public.
– Minimize adverse impact on the environment.

To accomplish this we will:

– Ensure personnel are aware of their delegated HSE responsibilities.
– Ensure that all Company activities are performed to the best of our capabilities.
– Design and manage activities to prevent pollution, minimize environmental and health impacts.

– Provide work places where safety hazards have been fully assessed and appropriately mitigated.
– Comply with all applicable HSE legislation, regulations, other requirements and standards.
– Ensure that environment, health and safety protection are always top of the agenda.
– Consider community expectations, cultural heritage, stakeholder benefits and costs and liabilities.
– Strive for continuous improvement in our HSE performance
– Measure this by setting objectives and targets consistent with the aims of this policy.
– Routinely monitor and report HSE performance to the Board of Directors.
– The Board will ensure that the necessary resources are provided to support this policy fully